The curriculum is public!

GlobeRed logoThe L2T curriculum, our central outcome of this project, is available in English:

The curriculum is a collection of inspiring resources that a group of international teachers has assembled to show you how they use social media in their classroom teaching. Many of these teacher have never used social media before they were asked to contribute to this wiki. So you will find lesson examples and opinions from active teachers from various countries with different backgrounds in subjects, ICT level and opinion on social media. Our aim is to provide you with a firt inspiration – guided by the question “why do social media matter for classroom teaching?”.

Through the links presented you will find a range of articles that discuss why and how social media might be incorporated within the teaching and learning environment. Each section offers different approaches and ideas to engaging learners. You will not find many technical explainations – we will try to focus on pedagogical arguments and link you to other resources for the technological issues.

Each article is created in five sections, all with the same headings and themes in order to make your journey through the wiki as comfortable as possible. The first four sections are What?, Why?, How?, Try?

You can access all articles, browse them, read them in order or just search for specific information. This curriculum will be translated to German, Danish, Czech, Spanish and Italian until October 2014. Stay connected and find your preferred language version.

This post is also available in: German, Spanish

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