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Barcelona, 9-10th October: L2TSocialWeb Part 3

BCN_group copyWith CeBIT looming on the horizon, it was time to prepare the Learn2Teach by Social Web curriculum for the self-study stage.

There are still many tasks to complete before we arrive in Hanover for the world’s largest ICT fair, however the meeting at Fundación ESPLAI in Barcelona allowed the project members to discuss a range of issues that have developed a very clear structure for improving the quality of this ongoing organic project.

We were joined once again by our ‘critical friend’ Professor Frank Coffield and left the conference with a commitment to providing an outstanding toolkit of guidance, ideas and support for trainee and new teachers across Europe.

For teachers, by teachers: 2nd L2T conference, Brussels, 15-16th May 2013


The second “Learn2Teach by Social Web” conference was held in Brussels, and saw a successful continuation of the project where the partners were joined by specialist advisors Frank Coffield (Emeritus Professor of Education Institute of Education, University of London), Cristina Costa (University of Strathclyde Centre for Lifelong Learning) and Claus Zedlitz (Danish Ministry of Children and Education).

The project partners discussed how the curriculum would be as “hands on” as possible and explain from a very basic level how social media use in classroom teaching could work. Therefore, most articles will be written by actual teachers (from different school subjects, countries and levels of ICT expertise) to best approach the needs of other teachers, generating the phrase “for teachers, by teachers…”

Hagen Workshop

Bastian_PelkaA presentation from Bastian Pelka for a workshop with teachers in Hagen, Germany (23rd January 2013). The presentation is about the relation between social media and the school subject “labour market” and is raising attention to the “needs and resources survey” of the project L2T. (German only)

Click on the link to view: Soziale Medien und berufliche Orientierung

ECER Conference 2012

European Conference on Educational Research, Cadiz 2012

European Conference on Educational Research, Cadiz 2012

An interview recorded at the conference “European Conference on Educational Research (ECER)”, 20th September 2012 in Cadiz, Spain (Link: http://www.eera-ecer.de/ecer2012/). Interviewer Jen Hughes from the conference radio is talking with Bastian Pelka about the project “learn2teach” and about teachers competences in social media.

Click on this link to hear the interview: Interview Bastian Pelka ECER 2012