L2T lecture at European Schoolnet MOOC

lsl-logoThe “European Schoolnet” has featured two lectures held by L2T members:

  • Stuart Mitchell presented “Social Math” on 29th April. As part of the Living Schools Lab continuous development opportunities, Stuart, teacher trainer and sociology lecturer at Gloucestershire College (UK) lead an online webinar on “Doing Social Maths, Using Social Media”. He showed several examples of how the use of social media can offer links between different classes and different levels, offering support and creating communities of practice that would not have previously existed.
  • Bastian Pelka (from Technical University Dortmund) gave an online presentation with the catchy title “Social Media (and Shakespeare) in the Classroom” on Monday 28th April.

Both presentations are built on L2T findings and developments, and are available on the Living Schools Lab ‘Snack Bar’ website.

This post is also available in: German, Spanish

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