L2T conference in Brussels

Social Media in the school. “it’s not a technology, it’s about pedagogy”

Today L2T presented its main outcomes and findings at the conference “it’s not a technology, it’s about pedagogy” at “EUN – European Schoolnet” in cooperation with GO! in Brussels.

20 participants, representing educational authorities from all around Europe, discussed the role of social media in the classroom and the actual teaching material offered by L2T. Jens Vermeersch from GO! lead through an inspiring program, Dr. Bastian Pelka hold a key note on international conference for modern teaching methods.

European Schoolnet – the working platform of European education ministries – offers a room full of miracles at their Brussels office: The „Future Class Room Lab”. This showroom for modern teaching technology and pedagogical approaches provides guests with free tablets, smartboards, interactive virtual environments and other devices that the designers see in the near future of every classroom in the EU. This room built the frame for a conference on social media and the classroom.

Among others, Dr. Bastian Pelka from sfs introduced new findings and teaching materials. In his key note speak he presented the approach and developed teaching material from the project “Learn to teach by social web” (L2T). Among the presented inspirations for social media supported classroom teaching one case found most interest: Dr. Pelka presented the pedagogical approach for facilitating a lesson on MacBeth. The teacher assigned the play’s roles to students and asked them to use twitter for one week and tweet in the role of one actor. After one week of following his students twittering MacBeth related content, the teacher found one remarkable outcome: The students actually had read the book in order to properly act as a persona from the book.

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