Invitation to conference on social media at school – Brussels 23rd October

Save the date: “Social Media in the school – it’s not a technology, it’s about pedagogy”

At “EUN – European Schoolnet” Trierstraat 61 in Brussels on  23rd October 2014

Do you want to know about the added value of social media for education?

The use of social media for learning in schools is becoming more and more widespread and reflected in the European context. Social media such as Wikis, Facebook or Youtube have become well uses platforms to prepare assignments or lessons. But existing studies and learning material repositories predominantly consider social media as a new technology. They are regarded as a technology enabling users to easily get in contact with other people. This conference will scrutinize social media form the pedagogy point of view. The conference – hosted by GO!, European Schoolnet and Technical University of Dortmund, Germany – will put social media in another context – they are regarded as a “social” innovation rather than a technological one. The innovative core of social media is seen in the in the creation of content by users. This “user generated content” paradigm has started and will continue to change the way people communicate, work and learn.

The conference will feature results from various ongoing research and development projects and will present the state of art in classroom bound social media use. The ongoing EU funded Comenius project “Learn to Teach by Social Web” (L2T – will demonstrate how to exploit the educational potential that social media offers teachers in engaging their learners in contextual development of skills and knowledge through an ‘alternative’ or unfamiliar learning paradigm. In this case the use of social media becomes the ‘alternative’ collaborative tool that allows participants to engage in innovative learning environments, existing both inside and outside of the classroom.

Hosted by European Schoolnet, this mini-conference will take place  Trierstraat 61, 1040 Brussels, on 23rd October 2014.Further details, will follow soon. Block your agendas today! You can already register online for this event.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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