TUDO, Germany

Technische Universität Dortmund, Sozialforschungsstelle

TUDO + sfs

TUDO + sfs

TUDO is the Technical University of Dortmund

TU Dortmund University has been researching and teaching at the global intersection between man, nature and technology since its establishment in 1968. It has developed a unique profile with a special combination of faculties in the natural sciences and engineering, the social sciences and the humanities. This structure produces new knowledge, methodologies and technical innovations. All this is achieved through a wide spectrum of innovative research and in more than 65 bachelor’s and master’s programs including a broad-based teacher training curriculum in at least 30 subjects.

sfs is a central research unit of TUDO

A multidisciplinary team of labour scientists, social scientists, economists, educators, statistical experts, engineers and computer scientists undertake research, consulting and evaluation projects with respect to current issues in the world of labour. The research puts heavy emphasis on directly applicable results. A main part of these projects are organised in networks of co-operation with relevant partners from the respective research or consulting field.


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