Pontydysgu, United Kingdom

Pontydysgu Ltd. Pontypridd, Wales, UK

Pontydysgu_logo_web.thumbnailPontydysgu is an independent research and development organisation based in Wales, UK. Established in 199, the organisations’ main research areas are Technology Enhanced Learning and the use of ICT for knowledge development and sharing. This includes research and development into new pedagogies for work-based learning, the recognition of informal learning, the training of teachers and trainers and the development of open source software for education and Open Educational Resources. More recently Pontydysgu has been researching and developing new applications and approaches to e-Portfolios and Personal Learning Environments and the use of social software for learning and knowledge development. Pontydysgu are experienced in the use of ICT for e-Learning, producing, delivering and moderating e-learning programmes for teachers and trainers in initial training and for professional development. Pontydysgu has organised a series of face to face and on-line workshops for teachers in producing Open Education Resources and act as consultants to OECD on this subject.


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